Gathering materials and ideas

Well this week has seen the purchase of a second hand DSLR body from my son’s chiropodist, amazing how you learn about equipment. I bought a zoom covering most of my needs to allow one lens to do it all at least to start. So I have been photographing aspects of the garden and the visiting bird life and wildlife. Yesterday this included deer and a variety of garden birds and pheasant varieties. The photos will either be used themselves for cards or prints.Alternatively as resource material to allow more detailed wildlife studies.

A tripod has been set up today to see how it helps.

Not to photograph the garden duck ornament in the foreground as observed by one old friend!

Purbeck Art Week 2017

From May 27 to June 11 I will be hosting a temporary Open Studio in an outbuilding adjacent to my home. I will be working each day on a mixture of pen and ink drawings and Marker pieces too. There will also be examples of my photography on display.

Visiting will involve walking 400 metres along the local coast path, which will give visitors an opportunity to take in some of the nature that inspires much of my work.

More details will follow on how this will work and also other events where I will be displaying work and /or selling works.


So, a new chapter for me. 2017 sees me move from teaching in a classroom to spending more time on my photography and art interests.

If I can be commercially successful or at least sell some work then the feedback people have given me will be validated. I would love to be able to just focus on this as a career, so let’s see how it goes.

If you want to contact me use the contact form (see link above). Details of my Facebook page is on the About page (see link above). Commissions are welcomed for art.