AndyKnillArt News Update 30 March

Ok,so Update is a day late, apologies.

Tomorrow is the first craft fair and will see the full card range that I am selling and prints for 7 pieces. The cards have a new home in a Wire Fittings carousel – the company are actually based locally in Swanage, so again it was great to deal with a company face to face.

I have updated the range of work available on the Facebook page and on this blog if you click on the W WordPress symbol it will show you the full card range. This is work in progress.

New art supplies have arrived for creation of pieces but also storage of equipment and the prints. So excitement at opening parcels.

The “Alex” drawer unit from IKEA will now hold my entire Promarkers set which now covers the full colour range, pads and various other media. The “wire fittings” carousel is a flatpack model to make it easier to transport to events and if I produce more portrait format cards I can buy additional display sides to change the number of card pockets available. I also have a wooden browser that now holds my prints – this will be useful for PAW 17 (Purbeck Arts Weeks).

In the last week I have done more experimenting with acrylics and coffee grounds. With Suzanne Dominy at the Art Workshop, Swanage. An additional visit to the L’Artishe gallery led to good discussions about the variety of framing options and how important it was for selling our work – I have had my “Artcubes” entry reframed in light of this,and the fact that the framing had stopped its purchase previously. I keep having a plethora of creative ideas but need to slow life down a bit to get on with them. A new part time job with Wareham Boat Hire saw me sketching the bridge at Wareham Quay in work breaks, I added colour later and posted through my facebook page.

Next week’s update will recount how my first event goes and also if initial sales from Swanage Tourist Office are encouraging once they return to their seafront office.

AndyKnillArt News Update 23 March

So, all cards printed and stock held by me and Swanage Tourist Office. I have also been asked to sketch the Art Workshop in Swanage for some charity flyers. Today I submitted and had a new piece accepted for the PAW exhibition that will run at The Etches Collection, Kimmeridge from 20 May to 11 June. Next piece to work on will be a piece for Verges exhibition also linked to PAW.

I attended a sketchbook workshop on Sunday 19 March which generated a number of ideas to investigate further. Stormy skies seen at Burton Bradstock on Tuesday afternoon has inspired the start of an acrylic piece – my first complete painting at the Art workshop Wednesday group I am currently doing. A second piece has started which will link to photos taken at home with various hares.

I am also working on a logo design. The week has seen orders placed for new art supplies and a wire carousel to display my cards in at events. My creativity is being tested as I come up with other ideas which I can pitch to local people, clubs and businesses for cards and / or prints.

A busy week with several successful outcomes. There are photos of all pieces on he Facebook page, they are blue tinted as the pictures were taken through the cellophane wrappers. A new page is to be created on this site asap with images of all collections , pricing and how to order.

I am hoping that March going into April can see a “spring” in sales.
All feedback gratefully received.


The development steps working up the page of my first acrylic piece, using sand as mixed media texture enhancer.

AndyKnillArt News Update 16 March

A briefer update this week and where my art will be appearing / available to buy in the next two three months. I appreciate all the positive feedback online and look forward to more sales so that my work can be seen further afield. If interested in buying cards or prints please comment here, message me on the Facebook page or email me at


My pen and ink drawing “New wall Old wall” is on exhibition at L’Artishe Gallery in Swanage High Street. The Artcubed exhibition runs until the start of May.


April 1 

– I will be running a table at the Arts and Crafts fair at the hall, St Edwards Church, Rempstone Road, Swanage. Times tbc. All stalls are run by the artist / crafter. It would be great to see some familiar or new faces. I will be selling my full range of cards and will have prints available of my Swanage collection (4 designs), tree fern, and Hungry Hare photo. I will be cash sales only at this point.

– The Swanage Tourist Information office reopens on Shore Road, Swanage. They will be stocking 4 designs by me – two are of these are exclusive to their shop/office.

May 6

– As April 1, details of stock as above tbc. As my portfolio expands there may be more work available.

May 27 – June 11

– Rollington Barn, Purbeck Arts Weeks. I will have one piece on show – details tbc.

– Open Studio 22, Houns Tout footpath (400m seawards from the walkers’ car park). I will be open for visitors / sales from 10 to 4 every day for the whole of the festival. The art and I will be based in our outbuilding, there will be signs. I shall be working on new pieces, my work will be on sale and all discussion is welcome. I may have even started my dry wall challenge, details soon.


All cards and prints will are available to order. Price list coming this week. Fine art prints of my Swanage Collection – 16″ x 12″ are priced at £25 plus p & p. Cards are £2 each or 6 for £10, plus p & p. The tree fern print will be a limited edition of 50, price tbc. All prints are signed by me (the artist).

Good news today, my first print sale has now arrived safely and has been framed by its new owners in the Middle East.


A dedicated page will be appearing soon: there are now 15 card designs that include the 9 mono pen and ink pieces, the Swanage collection – all in colour, and two photograph cards of Hungry hare and Flying Gull.

16″ x 12″ prints are available of the four pieces of the Swanage collection. Hungry hare prints and Tree fern arriving from the printers soon.

If you want a small print, I would advise buying a card and framing it, I am currently awaiting pictures from early buyers of the Beach Huts card.


If you have a favourite place, old photograph you love to look at but would like a drawing of, contact me for pricing.
Thanks for reading, feedback welcomed.

AndyKnillArt news update 09 March

If you are a regular follower of the Facebook page – use link(s) above, then you will know of recent progress already. I hope that this blog and possibly an e-commerce website to follow (so many decisions) will keep everyone interested up to date.

Ok, on 31 January I said that any art selling would be a validation of the points friends had made about my art previously. This has clearly been the case already and very quickly too. Using some updating of previous sketches the card collection has been ordered, proof read and printed. I am now the proud owner of a box of 360 greetings cards. 

Cards retail at £2 each.

Before the cards had even been collected I had earnt my first client – Swanage Tourist Office. Their order helped surprise my printer James at Art2card when I ordered an additional set of 100 cards. The canvas print idea was researched thoroughly but based on a small commercial order the price point I could have A4 canvases supplied at would make them too expensive for the client, as I had suspected.

On collection of the cards and one mounted fine art print of the now popular beach huts scene (Shore Road beach huts on Swanage sea front) I now had stock. I posted the fine art print on Facebook that evening and within 15 seconds I had a buyer, they liked the idea of a reminder of the English seaside while they work in the Middle East. So I was now a commercial artist and an international one to boot.

I and the Tourist office have both sold further copies of the beach huts card. The print has been posted to the Middle East. I designed more designs of Swanage for the Tourist Office. This was a good learning meeting on my second visit as I delivered the cards. Some aspects of designs were liked but others were not. I have since amended the pieces and three new orders have been made for cards, so my collection will be in the White House office on the seafront from April. It will be great to go in and see my work up for sale too.

I am currently researching possibilities of an e-commerce website to allow direct sales from me and a mobile form of point of sale handset to allow card payments as well as cash when I am selling at events. My first public sales event will be a local Craft Fair in St Edwards church hall, Rempstone Road, Swanage on 1st April. 

This is the craft fair page on Facebook – I may be attending future fairs as well, booked one to start.

I am also working towards being able to make sales from my Open Studio during PAW (Purbeck Arts Week) from May 27 to June 11 (open everyday from 10-4). When the brochure comes out I will be Studio 22 on a beautiful path to the coast that will allow visitors to see the surroundings that are inspiring my art.

Recent photographs of local wildlife with my new camera are introducing a range of wildlife photo based cards (release date tbc) that show the animals I encounter most days around our home.

All card designs can be ordered as fine art prints in a mount and cellophane envelope. I will publish a table of costs for these in a range of sizes with posting & packaging quoted individually based on customer location. Currently sales are in cash or by BACS. I am investigating a range of canvas prints of some of my photographs in addition (release date tbc).

I have a pen and ink piece based on a local waller’s work on a new drystone wall as part of the Artcubed exhibition at L’Artishe gallery in High Street, Swanage. The original is up for sale at the exhibition.

For those blog visitors who are not on Facebook I will be setting up pages on this blog to show my art and photography work and prices. Feedback is gratefully received on here or to (please use subject AndyKnillArt blog in subject).

Thanks for reading.

I am now a “commercial artist” or I sold some art

Today I took one piece into a local gallery for an exhibition they are running, for £10 entry fee I get to have a piece displayed for up to ten weeks. So a good investment and a chance to get my work seen. Then I went to see the local Tourist Information Office who I thought would be the best place to get my “Beach huts, Swanage” card sold – not something they have done before really. The card was taken to see the boss, who said Yes. Only (!) one hundred cards initial order, I was gobsmacked and so happy. Also they would like about another five designs around the town in the same style. An email and return visit to the office later to confirm that they would also like 10-15 A4 canvases of each print.

So, a busy week ahead and it has sparked other creative ideas that I shall report on if they come off. 

I also visited two galleries, one I need to email some examples to for consideration. The second liked the pictures but tend to stock items with colour, so some discussion and ideas to goaway and work with and return to in the future. I now feel I can’t argue against calling myself an artist.

Card masters

The plan is swinging into action. Over the last couple of weeks I have been drawing master greetings card designs and in the next week will be talking to a Dorset art printer to order my first sets of cards. Also I need to sort out how I am going to sell online. Then in addition to local craft events and other opportunities I can start the idea of making my art commercial.

These are six of the first eight designs all based on sketches or photographs that I have made / taken.

Next steps include finding out how I can get photo based cards made. Then looking at print copies of photographs and drawings so that I have a portfolio for people to choose from.

I am also hoping to get some commissions based on favourite places / photos for original drawings. I have produced some for friends when I started drawing, always willing to discuss requests of any subject except people – not mastered them yet.

Gathering materials and ideas

Well this week has seen the purchase of a second hand DSLR body from my son’s chiropodist, amazing how you learn about equipment. I bought a zoom covering most of my needs to allow one lens to do it all at least to start. So I have been photographing aspects of the garden and the visiting bird life and wildlife. Yesterday this included deer and a variety of garden birds and pheasant varieties. The photos will either be used themselves for cards or prints.Alternatively as resource material to allow more detailed wildlife studies.

A tripod has been set up today to see how it helps.

Not to photograph the garden duck ornament in the foreground as observed by one old friend!

Purbeck Art Week 2017

From May 27 to June 11 I will be hosting a temporary Open Studio in an outbuilding adjacent to my home. I will be working each day on a mixture of pen and ink drawings and Marker pieces too. There will also be examples of my photography on display.

Visiting will involve walking 400 metres along the local coast path, which will give visitors an opportunity to take in some of the nature that inspires much of my work.

More details will follow on how this will work and also other events where I will be displaying work and /or selling works.